Data center with highest security requirements

FerraPod has been developed in cooperation with Stack Infra, a data center in Upplands Väsby, Sweden, with a very high security profile.

A really brilliant idea!

Niclas, Stack Infra

Physical protection for customers with extremely high demands

To one of Stack Infra customers with high integrity and extremely high security requirements, we have built a bespoke FerraPod cage, 3 x 5 meters and 4m high that holds the customers data racks. The cage also has a roof grid above the ceiling. The door chosen for this installation is a Daloc security door RC4 class. The cage also has a transparency guard consisting of 2 mm sheet. The entire cage is mounted with 3500 screws.

This way, the FerraPod cage, together with Stack Infra’s other security devices, ensures that customer information is handled with the highest possible level of security.

3500 screws used in the assembly of this unit, some of which are unique FerraPod locking screws.