Niklas Börjesson Law began as Commercial Manager at Crowbar Security Solutions AB on September 2.

Niklas previously worked for Enaco Sverige AB where he was a Project Account Manager for the construction of data halls and other business-critical projects. Niklas will now lead the work in Business Development of the Ferrapod security products.

– I look forward to working on the development of Ferrapod’s security products, says Niklas. An important area is to inform the market about RC4 requirements for physical protection or burglary protection, which is increasingly being demanded. It is also about increased definition in what we can deliver to the market, that there is a security system that is both modular, installed without hot works and already certified SS EN 1627-RC4.

We are also working to find the right partners for our security gris systems, such as  grid protection products for ventilation ducts, security doors and security cages.

– Another important area is to continue to develop the FerraPod products in market that require protection that can deliver RC4 certification and Swedish protection class 3.

We welcome Niklas to Crowbar Security Solutions and look forward to growing together!